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【About Paperi Design】


『I want to buy items to learn Japanese no matter where I am in the world』

The online store for educational posters "Paperi Design" has started with my thoughts of the past.

Paperi means "paper" in Finnish.
I like Scandinavian interiors. So I decided on a brand name because I wanted to help make the room look like a Scandinavian interior.


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【About Founder】

The founder is a mother of two children living in Canada.

She is facing the difficulty of bilingual childcare.
She hopes that her children can naturally see Japanese in their life so that they can have more opportunities to come into contact with Japanese.
She designs a lot of posters that she would like to put up for children and all Japanese learners.


【We aim to create products that are useful to such people】

  • Those who are raising children overseas
  • Those who are learning Japanese
  • Those who are looking for gifts for relatives or friends living abroad
  • Those who have bilingual childcare
  • Those who want to make a Scandinavian style room


【Paperi Design Sustainability】

From now on, it is an era of sustainable manufacturing considering the future global environment where children live. Paperi Design also participates in this movement.


Paperi Design only makes to order so that resources are not wasted due to overproduction.

Our affiliated printing plants use state-of-the-art printing technology that minimizes wastewater and consumes less energy.

In addition, the ink used for printing is water-soluble and does not contain harmful chemical substances. It is certified by GreenGuard.


Our products on this website are printed on demand and are manufactured after receiving your order.

It takes time to manufacture and ship a product, but on-demand printing avoids overproduction.

In this way, Paperi Design contributes to a sustainable movement. Please see「About shipping」for the time it takes to ship.

Also, from the viewpoint of environmental issues, we do not use cylinders with plastic caps for delivery, but use triangular cases for posters.





【About Paperi Design】



過去の想いをきっかけに、知育ポスターのオンラインストア「Paperi Design(パペリデザイン)」は始まりました。


【Follow Us】


【About Founder】





  • 海外で子育てをしている方
  • 日本語を学習している非日本語ネイティブの方
  • 海外に住む親戚やお友達への贈り物を探している方
  • バイリンガル育児中の方
  • 海外風のお部屋作りをしたい方


Paperi Designのサスティナビリティ(持続可能性)


これからは子ども達の住む未来の地球環境を考えた持続可能なものづくりをする時代です。Paperi Designもこの運動に参加しています。


Paperi Designでは生産過剰で資源が無駄にならないよう、受注生産のみとしています。


また、プリント加工に使用されているインクは水溶性で有害な化学物質は含まれていません。 これはGreenGuardにより認証を受けています。




これにより、Paperi Designは持続可能な運動に貢献しております。発送までにかかる時間については「配送について」をご覧ください。